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51: Fry's Delight

Stephen Fry's pen

Fry’s Delight is the product of a collaboration between Stephen Fry and Graham Short. The pen and its quotation were provided by Stephen Fry and given to English PEN to celebrate the organisation’s 90th anniversary in 2011. The inscription, which took three months to engrave, is only readable under a powerful microscope.

Known as ‘the world’s smallest engraver’ for his miniature masterpieces, Graham Short has spent almost fifty years honing his craft. His desire to produce an engraving so small as to be illegible to the naked eye led to the making of his masterpiece The Lord’s Prayer Engraved on the Head of a Gold Pin, which can only be seen through a powerful microscope.

Cross Apogee fountain pen belonging to actor, writer and broadcaster Stephen Fry, its lid engraved, within 2mm. square, by master engraver and miniaturist Graham Short.

Engraving is a quotation from Stephen Fry

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