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21st May 2013
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By Gillian Slovo, President, English PEN

English PEN would like to thank Rick Gekoski for his hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to make this project happen.

Our gratitude to our authors, and in many cases their agents, publishers, and personal assistants, is incalculable. We would particularly like to thank, in absentia, D.M. Thomas, whose heavily annotated copy of The White Hotel was sadly lost in the (registered Royal Mail) post.

We are most grateful to the following, who have donated first editions of books for the authors to annotate: Barnacle Books, Julian Barnes, Between the Covers Books, C. K. Broadhurst Bookshop, Justin Cartwright, Cathach Books, Roy Copus, Peter Ellis Bookseller, Mark Everett, Goldmark Gallery, David Hare, Peter Harrington Booksellers, David Lodge, Maggs Brothers, Ian McEwan, Penguin Books, Bertam Rota Bookseller, Peter Straus, Amanda Willis.

The project has depended on the good will and hard work of Philip Cowell, Philip Errington, Jo Glanville, Samuel Glanville, Peter Grogan, Dotti Irving, Derek Johns, Nicolas Kent, Belinda Kitchin, Fiammetta Rocco, Arthur Sawbridge, Peter Selley, Heather Norman Soderlind, James Stourton, Peter Straus, Ion Trewin, and Julia Ziemer.

Sotheby’s have contributed their time, expertise and facilities with remarkable enthusiasm and generosity. (There is, for instance, no buyer’s premium on the lots in this sale.)  It has been an unambiguously positive experience collaborating with them.

Gillian Slovo

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